Why Impact Windows Aren’t Just Great For Hurricane Protection

Most consumers buy impact windows and doors to protect their homes from hurricane damage, but there is also another important benefit of these storm proof windows which are to improve your home’s security. So with impact resistant windows and doors you can not only keep out flying debris but intruders as well.

Break-ins and wind-borne debris defense

Windows and sliding glass doors if you have them are the most vulnerable openings on your house. It is really not a challenge for a burglar to gain access to your home through a traditional glass window. Once they break the glass they can easily open the latch to gain access to the inside of your home and steal whatever belongings that they find valuable. The best way to prevent a burglary is to prevent the intruder from breaking the glass, which is exactly what hurricane windows will do for you. These types of windows contain impact glass that cannot be easily broken by a hammer or stone.

The importance of getting the right window frame

All window frames are not created equal, part of the reason storm windows are so effective during severe weather like hurricanes, is because of their heavy duty window frames. Traditional residential windows do not have sturdy frames; the frames that come with your hurricane proof windows are just as strong as the impact resistant glass. This is also beneficial if an intruder wants to use a crowbar to remove the entire window, they will have a hard time doing so if you have sturdy frames.

If you are concerned about burglaries, then you probably have the right type of outdoor lighting and a security system to help reduce the chance of one happening, but if you would like to take the security of your home or business to the next level then you should consider installing hurricane windows to secure the weakest sections of your building, the windows.