Why Every Homeowner Should Invest In Impact Windows?

Energy efficiency

If you have standard window and doors in your home right now, then you should know that with these types of windows and doors you are allowing heat and cold air to transfer easily between the outside of your home and the inside of your home. You can stop this by installing impact windows as they provide superior insulation that can reduce and eliminate the cold and heat air transfer and as a result your home can easily maintain the desired temperature that you want it to be, which also means lower electricity bills.

24 Hour Protection

If you currently have hurricane shutter panels, then you know what a pain it is to put them up and take them down every time hurricane season comes around. And after all the hassle to put them up, they only provide you and your family with very limited protection, such as they won’t protect your home from burglaries or high velocity winds. But if you install impact resistant windows you will be protected.

Noise Reduction

If you happen to live close to an airport, highway or ball field, then you will be very interested in this feature of hurricane windows. These windows are so insulated that they can dampen out any outside noise and as a result this will make your home more peaceful, while at the same time offering you and your family hurricane protection.

Ultra Violet Ray Protection

By installing hurricane resistant windows you will block up to 99 percent of the damaging UV rays that could enter your home and damage your belongings, such as discoloration and fading of your rugs, curtains and furniture.

Discounts on homeowners insurance

Since these impact resistant windows and doors offer you protection from both hurricanes and burglaries, you should contact your insurance company or agent once you have them installed, to find out how much of a discount they will give you and they will because these windows will help minimize your risk and theirs as well.