How To Keep Your Impact Windows Looking New For Many Years?

impact-windowsNew windows and doors can provide amazing results with improving the appearance of your home and if you just purchased and installed impact windows and you want them to look new year after year, then there are a few things you can do in your regular cleaning and maintenance of your windows and doors to make sure they look their best.

How to care for and clean your window frames?

Let us talk about the Dos and Donts about cleaning your impact resistant window frames.

Here is what you should do:

  • Make sure that you use the right cleaning agents when you are cleaning insulated glass, improper cleaning agents can cause damage to your windows.
  • These window frames really do not require any chemicals to clean them, however, if you want to try a cleaning agent, then first trying using a small area to first test the type of cleaner that you have.
  • For most window and door frames all you will need is a mild dish washing soap liquid and water mixture to get the job done.
  • Make sure to check the hardware and the weather stripping.
  • Clean the weep holes and the tracks as well.
  • Rinse with regular clean water, and then use a soft cloth to dry them.

Now we just talked about what you can do to clean and maintain your window and door frames, now let us talk about what you should NOT do:

  • Stay away from using any abrasive pads, putty knives or razor blades.
  • Do not use solvents or cleaners that may be caustic, petroleum-based or abrasive, as these chemicals can cause damage to the finish on the frame that will be permanent.
  • Try not to use any oil-based lubricants, as these can damage the weep hole baffles and covers.
  • Avoid using any attachments for your windows unless of course it is something that is approved by the manufacturer of your hurricane windows and door such as ES Windows.