How To Select The Right Doors For Hurricane Protection?

If you live in an area that gets affected by hurricane season, such as in Fort Lauderdale, Florida then you may want to consider getting a new front door for your house, there are a few things you need to consider outside of styles and prices. Such as you need to find a door that is not just safe, but also secure and solid. Impact doors can satisfy all the criteria we just mentioned and they are also great for improving the aesthetic appeal of your house, preventing burglaries and keeping severe weather conditions outside, where they belong.

Impact resistant doors have a solid construction

When it comes to choosing the best doors for your home, you will more than likely find the following:

  • Solid frames with fiberglass
  • Steel crafted
  • Solid wood

Any of these types of doors will do an excellent job at preventing heavy rains, high winds or any other weather conditions from entering your house. In addition, if someone tried to gain access to your home through the front door and they tried to kick it in, these solid doors will resist the force of the kick, which in turn will prevent access to your home. To take things one step further, you could even install a metal plating to your door jam, the reason why is this metal plate can transfer the energy from the kick or from any force that hits your door to the framework of your house, this will further help to make sure burglars or flying debris will not get access to the inside of your home.

Why you may want to consider solid doors for the inside of your home as well?

Impact front doors are great for the exterior of your home, but they can also be useful as interior room doors as well. For example, if flying debris was to break one of the bedroom windows in your home, you would want to close off that room from the rest of the house to minimize the damage. As with the typical bedroom doors that are hollow, they can easily be torn off by the high winds of a hurricane.