What Are Hurricane Resistant Windows?

Hurricane windows are laminated products that are used to protect homes from hurricanes. There are two types of storm resistant windows available in the market place. The first type of residential window contains several layers of Polyvinyl Butyral (PRB) that is sandwiched between two impact glass panels. This is placed in an autoclave at about 400 degree Fahrenheit. The pressure inside the autoclave is increased to strengthen the glass. These glasses are designed to stand up to a small missile impact.

For larger missile impacts, homeowners must use glass-clad polycarbonate and PET laminated glass. These impact glasses are attached to the frame using a structural silicone sealant. The frames are made using metal, wood, vinyl, or a combination of these materials. These frames have reinforcement and stiffeners that make them stronger than ordinary window frames. If you plan to retrofit an existing window, you should replace the entire window, for it to work.

Why should homeowners install storm windows?

There are several reasons why homeowners in Miami-Dade county should install hurricane proof windows. Some important reasons are:

1) Most reputed brands such as PGT Windows Miami and CGI Windows are thoroughly tested to withstand harsh weather. This means that your home is more likely to remain intact with minimal damage when strong winds and debris hit your home.

2) When one of the windows are damaged, the air pressure inside the home increases rapidly. This can damage any other portion of your house such as another window, door, roof, or even the wall. Once this happens, your home will become extremely vulnerable. When you install impact resistant glass, the risk of damage is mitigated.  Check out this Impact Windows Miami Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0NmJ1r8ycs

Are there any Building Code Standards for these Windows

The manufacturers of impact resistant glasses must follow certain standards before they start marketing their products. Manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines set by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) before claiming the product to be impact resistant. In some states, the building code states that homeowners must use impact resistant glass to protect their home from wind-borne debris. The impact resistant glass they use must meet the standards set by the State.

Miami Florida

Impact resistant doors and windows offer continuous protection from strong winds and debris. There are several advantages of using these windows and impact doors: no plywood to cut and fix, to shutters to fix – in other words they offer continuous protection. Since the windows are a part of the host structure, it becomes difficult for the wind to get behind hurricane windows Miami and damage them which is common in plywood and shutters. However, make sure the product you buy meets or exceed the standards set by the State.

Why Replacing Your Windows Should Be Your Next Decor Project

If you have been researching impact resistant windows for some time now, then you probably already know that they are designed to stand up to flying debris and the high impact winds that can come along with tropical storms or hurricanes. You may or may not also know that these are the only type of windows that are not required to have hurricane shutters covering them in South Florida. These Miami hurricane impact windows can also help to reduce your monthly homeowners insurance premiums, as by installing these types of windows on your home, you are making your home more secure, both from intruders that would like to gain access to your home to steal your belongs by breaking the glass windows, as well as these types of high impact windows protects your home from the damage that may be caused by a hurricane.  Visit this Impact Windows Miami Manta site and you can also find some educational articles at this Facebook Page.

Now did you know that these storm resistant windows can also save you money by reducing your cooling and heating bills each month?

Impact resistant windows and doors come with a frame that is made of heavy duty aluminum and has multiple panes of laminated glass and contains and inert gas in the middle of each pane which makes the windows energy efficient. Most homeowners do not realize how much cold or heat is lost from their home if they only have standard windows. But with impact windows Miami, this heat and cold air transfer are eliminated or significantly reduced so your home is able to maintain the desired temperature longer and as a result your heating, air conditioning and ventilation unit can work a whole lot less and that is how your monthly energy bill will be reduced by installing impact windows and doors.

These are some of the reasons many homeowners are excited about investing in impact windows, especially since they can eventually pay for themselves by reducing homeowner’s owner insurance premiums and cutting the monthly energy bills.